Draft proposal to regulate cement products completed

Draft proposal to regulate cement products completed
10 May 2011

A draft document has been prepared for proposal to the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) in an attempt to standardise the quality of cement and ready-mixed concrete around the region.
The Caricom Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality has been tasked with the work programme of development of regional standards.

Director of Antigua & Barbuda Bureau of Standards Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues yesterday said the document, which is expected to be presented by year-end, was drafted after health and safety concerns were raised throughout the region.

“These are standards that would be approved by the Council for Trade and Economic Development as Caricom and then member states are obliged to adopt them into their national standards,” Lalla-Rodrigues said.

“One of the areas that has been deemed important is the area of cement. It has already started and almost completed for cement.”

The draft has been developed based on the standards out of Britain and Barbados.

This document is now going forward for approval as a regional standard having already been circulated in the member states including Antigua & Barbuda.

The statements of the stakeholders have been taken into consideration and the standard has been modified according to the comments that were put forward.

Lalla-Rodrigues, however, said that consideration has been made for the stakeholder to raise further concerns about the proposal and they have until June 3 to do so.

Source: The Antigua Observer
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