Phoenix Cement earns Energy Star 4th year

Phoenix Cement earns Energy Star 4th year
28 December 2010

For the fourth year in a row, the Salt River Materials Group Phoenix Cement plant in Clarkdale United States has received the Energy Star label from the US Environmental Protection Agency. The first year, 2007, the plant earned a rating of 97 out of a possible 100. But for the past three years, the plant has scored a perfect 100 on the EPA’s Energy Performance Indicator.

"The biggest thing we did was when we modernized the plant in 2002," said Lew Dodendorf, energy manager for SRMG. Since then the company has done some other projects to improve its energy efficiency and its cost savings.

In 2007 when the company earned its first Energy Star label, Dodendorf became the company’s energy manager. Now he looks for ways, both large and small, to save even more energy.

To earn an Energy Star label, the company must score at least a 75 on the performance indicator. With a 97 and three 100s, that hasn’t been a problem. But the company must also have a three-year history of environmental compliance with the EPA.
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