Dominican Cement sales to reach 2.7Mt in 2010

Dominican Cement sales to reach 2.7Mt in 2010
15 December 2010

Cement sales in the Dominican Republic have reached nearly 2.7Mt in 2010, and 260,000t of that in November.

Cement sales and consumption were around 5.3% higher this year, climbing from a demand of nearly 2.7Mt last year to nearly 2.8Mt in 2010.

The Dominican Cement Producers Association’s optimism with the industry’s first quarter performance wasn’t in vain, as demand rose an average of 11,900 tons daily.

Daily consumption however, fell 10,600t from June to November, a decline as high as 10%, a noticeable lull in demand between one quarter to another.

The cement makers revealed that the highest consumption was mostly in bulk sales (77% versus 23% for bagged), which in its view suggests that the current large construction works spurred the growth of the demand.

They added that while they don’t expect considerable changes by yearend, they do expect 2011 to be a year of many challenges for the cement sector and the construction industry.
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