Paraguay looks into importing cement from Portugal

Paraguay looks into importing cement from Portugal
02 December 2010

The Paraguayan Chamber of Construction (CAPAC) is studying the possibility of importing Portland cement imported from Portugal to alleviate the shortage of cement production of state cement company INC, announced an industry spokesman today.

The president of CAPAC, Ana Lucy Porro, told Notimex that "we have a really sensitive time in terms of delays in the works and the danger of cutting the chain of payments just at a time for Christmas gifts and New Year."

She said the current outlook is not encouraging, not getting Portland cement surpluses in Argentina, where companies are also turning to imports from Uruguay in considerable quantity.
"We also can not get any in Brazil, which is beginning to launch major construction works for the World Cup in 2014, and Bolivia has no surplus to export, therefore we are looking at more distant markets such as Portugal," said Porro.
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