Cement shipments in the Peruvian market grew 15.18 per cent in October

Cement shipments in the Peruvian market grew 15.18 per cent in October
23 November 2010

Shipments of cement in the Peruvian market totalled 6,629,894t between January and October 2010, ie 15.18 per cent increase over the figure recorded in the same period of 2009, when it totalled 5,756,245t, reported the Association of Producers Cement (ASOCEM).

During that period cement production was 6,790,995t, representing an increase of 16.28 percent over the same period in 2009, when it was 5,840,411t.

Between January and October 2010 were exported 8332 tonnes of cement, while in the same period last year exports were recorded for 1351t, a growth of 516.79 per cent.

In this sense, the total cement shipments (domestic market plus exports) in the first ten months of the year totalled 6,638,226t, showing an increase of 15.30 per cent over the same period of 2009, when the figure totalled 5,757,596t.

This information is provided by the companies Cemento Andino, Cementos Lima, Cementos Pacasmayo, Cementos Yura, Cement and Cementos Selva Sur.

The economic analyst of the Maximixe construction sector, Nilda Mori, said the cement sector growth in the period of analysis is due to increased public and private investment are driving growth in construction sector.

He added that during the first half of public investment grew by 33.1 per cent and private investment by 17.7 per cent.   

He explained that because of the low production of cement in 2009, due to the international crisis that paralysed some works, the 2010 growth figures are encouraging as they have begun to invest.

"The environment is favourable, economic growth is dynamic and there is an infrastructure deficit that will have to reverse as we grow," he told Andina news agency.
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