Relocation of factories from Helwan underway, Egypt

Relocation of factories from Helwan underway, Egypt
25 October 2010

The governorate of Helwan has begun the implementation of plans to relocate 80 polluting factories to the industrial zones of al-Kreimat, Beni Suef.

In consequence of reports saying that local lakes have receded due to agricultural and industrial activities and the establishment of fish farms, the Ministry of Agriculture has finalised a plan to prevent further encroachments on these lakes and the surrounding area.

Mohamed Abdel Zaher, general secretary for the governorate of Helwan, said that the first phase of the relocation is already underway.

He said this phase involves closing down 13 cement production lines that have not been developed for 30 years. He added that the other cement, steel, stone, and ceramic factories will be relocated over the next eight years at a total cost of LE40bn.
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