Cemex announces results of biodiversity study

Cemex announces results of biodiversity study
19 October 2010

Cemex announced today the results of a comprehensive scoping study on the biodiversity status of its operations worldwide undertaken in conjunction with BirdLife International, as part of a 10-year global partnership signed in 2007. The objective of the study is to facilitate a process that aims to enhance biodiversity conservation and development throughout Cemex operations. This process contemplates that all operational sites that overlap with areas of high conservation value will develop or strengthen biodiversity action plans within the next five years.

The study mapped 543 Cemex aggregates and cement sites and assessed their proximity to areas of high biodiversity value, such as international and national Protected Areas, Important Bird Areas (IBA), Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) and Natura 2000 sites. Then, the biodiversity management plans of each site were assessed, followed by a prioritization of which sites had the highest biodiversity sensitivity.  Twelve sites were identified as areas where conservation efforts should be focused first.

“Our ability to operate and access raw materials in a given location requires that we effectively protect, manage and enhance the biodiversity of the area as well as an effective site life-cycle development plan”, says Luis Farias, Senior Vicepresident of Energy and Sustainability at Cemex. “This study is a vital part of our ongoing efforts to enhance habitats and to ensure that biodiversity thrives around our operations”

The partnership is already implementing projects at high priority sites in the United Kingdom and Spain, where bilateral CEMEX-BirdLife partnerships are being developed. With the help of BirdLife, Cemex is also developing a Biodiversity Action Plan standard to help in the development and implementation of site-specific Biodiversity Action Plans at the 12 priority sites. Wherever possible, these plans will involve the national BirdLife Partner organizations. The target is to have Biodiversity Action Plans established for all sites which overlap with areas of high biodiversity value by 2015. Cemex will regularly report progress on implementing the findings of the scoping study and on the production and roll out of the action plans.
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