India: ‘Present cement price hike appears artificial’

India: ‘Present cement price hike appears artificial’
14 October 2010

Members of Salem Civil Engineers Association staged a demonstration on Wednesday demanding the government to take steps to bring down the steep hike in the price of cement, which they claimed had severely affected the construction industry.

Saying that the present price hike appeared to be ’artificial’, they wondered how could the construction industry survive at a time when the prices of all other materials also had escalated. The set back in the industry would also affect the nation’s growth.

They claimed that due to price hike the construction expenditure per square feet had increased to INR200 to INR300.

While the cement price was very much under control in neighbouring states, why the price in Tamil Nadu alone should go up, they wondered. This price hike had affected people who depend on construction sector for their livelihood.

The government should immediately take necessary action to bring it down, they demanded. President S.K. Senthilkumar presided over the agitation. On Tuesday, construction workers staged a rally in Mettur condemning the price hike.
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