Panama to see revival in production

Panama to see revival in production
05 October 2010

The Panamanian Chamber of Construction is expected that the Government’s order to proceed with infrastructure projects will revive local cement production.

The construction of the third set of locks of the Panama Canal is the main project that the local construction industry hopes will revive cement production. 

An economic report of the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC) indicates that in the first four months of 2010 cement production fell 12.9%, ie almost 20,000t to contrast with April 2009. 

In April, the production of cement in the country stood at 131,000t, as opposed to April 2009, when the industry produced 151,000t of cement and 147,000t by the fourth month of 2008.

The decrease in production, according to the paper is due to the contraction suffered by the sector, which began with the fall in new building permits, in addition to the values of these projects.
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