Fancesa additional supply to Santa Cruz market, Bolivia

Fancesa additional supply to Santa Cruz market, Bolivia
20 September 2010

The president of the Fábrica Nacional de Cemento (Fancesa), Luis Iriarte, announced that in three weeks the cement company will place, as a one-off ,100,000 additional bags of cement in the Santa Cruz market. This initiative will require an investment of US$1.7m.

"In three weeks we will pour 100,000 additional exchanges into the market of Santa Cruz by means of which we believe that we will be able to control the nervousness of all those engaged in hoarding cement," he said.

Iriarte said that the decision taken is aimed at meeting the demand of this product, which increased from 15 to 40 per cent in the region of Santa Cruz.

He also announced that if the cement requirement continues, cement volumes will be continued to increase.

"Let’s initially put on the market 100 000 bags, then we will evaluate the impact immediately and quickly respond to what the market tell us," he said.
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