Paraguay cement imports to meet domestic demand

Paraguay cement imports to meet domestic demand
20 September 2010

Paraguay is importing large consignments of Portland cement to cover domestic demand with the shortfall in production of the state cement company INC.

For several months, the INC has been unable to provide the amount demanded by the market, of approximately 1.5m bags per month, and covers only about 74 per cent of the total requirement, official sources said.

Mechanical failures in the main kiln in the factory located in the port of Vallemí, some 600km north of Asuncion on the Paraguay River, have made it unfeasible for the state to supply 100 per cent of domestic demand.

Currently, the cement imported from Argentina and Brazil is covering 26 per cent of the domestic market, equivalent to about 3,237,683 bags until last August, while the INC sent during that time dispatched nine million bags.

According to CAPACO records, between imported and domestic production from January to August this year, 12, 200,000 bags of cement have been already used, an amount that exceeds all the cement manufactured by Paraguayan cement company during 2009.

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