The cement price soars in La Paz, Bolivia??

The cement price soars in La Paz, Bolivia??
14 September 2010

The Bolivian government yesterday made its first move to curb speculation and profiteering in the sale of cement in the city of La Paz. The inspection confirmed that although there is no shortage of this product in the sector, there is a premium in the market.

This first test was conducted in the cement distribution centres in the Villa Fatima (La Paz) and included the participation of officials and authorities from the Ministries of Production and Plural Economy, Justice and Government, in addition to District Attorney.

Before the operation, a Government intelligence team inspected business places to establish the sale of cement at a "fair price." "It was confirmed that the selling price of this product varies between BOB55-60, when the price set for sale in agencies BOB49.50, with a maximum of BOB53 for shops and hardware stores," says one press release from the Ministry of Production.

Noting the presence of the police and media, many of the owners of the stores, hardware stores and places of sale of this product went into hiding to avoid giving statements.

The prosecutor Franz Contreras announced that more checks will be made, since the move to the final destination of the product in different areas of the city, to find concrete speculators, the same to be prosecuted for the crime of usury, established in Article 226 of the Penal Code, ANF reported.
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