Waste management collaboration, China

Waste management collaboration, China
31 August 2010

China Industrial Waste Management, Inc, a leading environmental services and
solutions provider in China, today announced that the company’s 90%-owned 
subsidiary, Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Co, Ltd. (Dalian Dongtai),
 signed a waste management cooperation contract with Dalian Onoda Cement Co to process industrial waste utilising Dalian Onoda’s cement kiln.

Onoda Cement Co, Ltd is a cement production venture owned by Taiheiyo Cement Co.
 Dalian Dongtai signed a Letter of Intent with the Dalian Onoda on November 8,
 2009, and, since that time, the two firms have processed 3000t of solid waste in
a trial run. As an additional element of the contract, a research team will be
formed by the two companies to develop new waste management methods and 
technologies based on experiences learned from the collaboration.

"We are excited to announce this collaboration with Dalian Onoda and the
 addition of another important waste treatment method to our business that 
substantially boosts our industrial waste processing capacity," said Mr. Jason 
Dong, CEO.

"Given the massive scale of China’s cement industry, we feel the
 development of cement kiln waste processing has significant potential, and the 
environmental benefits should also be considerable. The current hazardous waste 
management capacity of the facilities operated by Dalian Dongtai is 56,000tpa.

"Through our cooperation with Dalian Onoda, we believe Dalian Dongtai will be
able to increase its current hazardous waste management capacity by 36% or
 20,000tpa immediately and by 125% to 143% or 70,000 to 80,000tpa within the next 
five years."
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