Afrisam launches its first ecocement

Afrisam launches its first ecocement
12 August 2010

Afrisam has launched its first ecocement in South Africa called Eco Building Cement, which has an overall carbon footprint of 401g/kg.

Afrisam acting CEO Stephan Olivier tells Engineering News that this carbon footprint was achieved without compromising on the quality set down by the South African Bureau of Standards.

Eco Building Cement, which has less than one-half the world’s average carbon footprint for cement, is a blend of high-performance 
cement and mineral components, which makes it extremely durable.

The launch forms part of the company’s continuing efforts to measure the carbon footprint of all its cement products, ready-mix operations and quarries, as well as its commitment to support green building initiatives.

Sales in the first month that Eco Building Cement was launched surpassed the company’s forecasts by 23%. 
Olivier says that this is a strong indication that the market is certainly ready for this type of product.

“Although it may appear that the green building initiative has only gathered momentum in the last few years, AfriSam started its green cement project in 2000. It was as far back as then that we started producing composite 
cements, effectively using less-carbon-intense materials.”

Being involved in green building initiatives necessitates a large investment. “But far more 
importantly, it requires a consistent commitment and cannot be a reactive response to the market,” he continues. This product, Olivier explains, is the result of 
extensive research and development.
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