Dominican Republic quarterly consumption down?

Dominican Republic quarterly consumption down?
10 August 2010

The Dominican Association of Cement Producers (Adocem) stated that cement demand fell 12.9% in the last three months compared to the first quarter of 2010.

The institution said that these results reflect a possible cooling of the construction industry, particularly with regard to government expenditure devoted to infrastructure projects, which have been the main promoter of the improved situation in the industry. Between May and July the average daily consumption stood at 10,500t, a figure far from the 12,000t were consumed daily in the first quarter.

Civil works represents between 10 and 13% of the consumer market and the rest is distributed among private construction and housing, which is expected to evolve positively in the remainder of the year. The industry has offset this lower domestic consumption by the export of 600t of cement to the Caribbean.

Source : El Dia, Dominican Republic
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