Holcim US fined for safety violations, NY

Holcim US fined for safety violations, NY
04 August 2010

Government records show that Holcim has been cited for more than 300 safety violations carrying fines totaling $455,000 since it became the Smith’s Landing plant operator in 2008.

The records, compiled by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, which regulates U.S. metal, nonmetal and coal mines, show over the last two years the plant has incurred up 310 violations, 97 of which the government says could lead to serious injury or illness.

During Holcim’s first year as operator, 155 violations were found carrying fines totaling almost $264,000. In 2009, 65 violations were cited with penalties of almost $165,000. So far this year, the plant has been hit with 90 violations costing $26,000. Fines have yet to be assessed for 28 of the 90, however.

The data also show six contractors who’ve worked at the plant since 2008 have been cited for 19 safety violations with fines totaling almost $3,000.

Furthermore, according to the records, Holcim has been able to reduce its fines from $455,000 to $384,000. To date, the company has paid only $250,500.
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