Cemex plans for disused quarry, UK

Cemex plans for disused quarry, UK
02 August 2010

Cemex is planning to turn a disused quarry into farmland by filling it with 1.2Mm3 of waste material. The proposal by Cemex involves transporting more than four train loads of construction and demolition debris every day for five years to the former Roman Quarry at Barrington.
Trees and hedgerows will be planted around an existing lake to improve bio-diversity and the railway line between the site and the main line at Foxton will undergo a nine-month refurbishment, if the company secures the contract.  Members of the local community attended a public exhibition on Monday at Barrington School but so far have welcomed the return of the land to agriculture and the creation of 20 extra jobs.

Cemex bosses, who have increased the timescale of the project by two years and the volume of waste by 450,000 m3insist commuter and passenger rail traffic will not be affected but local councillors have voiced fears the long-term works will cause unnecessary noise pollution.

Sebastian Kindersley, Barrington’s county councillor, said the project was “not unreasonable” but that he was keen for the company to provide assurances residents would not be disturbed.

He said: “The concern I have about the rail traffic is the impact on residents in Barrington particularly from places like Glebe Road, Malt House Way and Bendyshe Way.
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