BetonAta (Shymkent Cement): 365 days without accidents, Kazakhstan

BetonAta (Shymkent Cement): 365 days without accidents, Kazakhstan
27 July 2010

Ready mixed concrete company BetonAta (Shymkent Cement) has reached its goal of one year without accidents. It celebrated with an event at the company plant attended by senior management, local authorities and key customers.

All the participants applauded BetonAta on its important success.

The chief executive officer of Shymkent Cement, Atilla Yildiz, welcomed the deputy mayor of the city of Almaty in the region of Zhetysu, the other guests and employees.

Also on behalf of the Group Safety Team, Mr Yildiz congratulated BetonAta management and staff for the improvements they had made and for their contribution to the common objective “Zero Accidents”.

He presented the “1 year without accidents” certificate to the chairman of BetonAta, Serkan Kendi. 
In turn, Mr Kendi congratulated his team and presented letters of thanks to the company’s Best Employees.
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