Ministry responds to Port Louis project, Mauritius

Ministry responds to Port Louis project, Mauritius
17 July 2010

The Minister of Environment replied to criticism by the opposition leader on the proposed cement plant by Binani cement in the port area. He stated that all procedures have been followed for the granting of operating licence.

At a press conference in Port-Louis, on 15 July, Minister of Environment, Deva Virahsawmy explained that the committee that grants the permit after considering the environmental impact assessment (EIA), has met all legal procedures. It is also returned to the conditions attached to permits. These include measures for the effective protection of the environment.

Twenty-five conditions are associated with the permit. "If its conditions are not met, the company will not obtain approval to launch its operations," says Deva Virahsawmy.

The minister said he did not understand the attitude of Paul Berenger on this issue. At his press conference Saturday, July 10, the opposition leader had said he was shocked by the speed with which the Indian company had obtained its licence EIA.

Binani Cement had indeed submitted his application March 13, 2010 and received his licence last May 3, two days before the last general election. However, Minister of the Environment maintains that there is nothing shocking in the way the company was licensed. "Permission has been granted fifty-seven days after submission of the application. The minimum period is forty-five days, "says Deva Virahsawmy.
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