Siam City: next step in waste heat recovery project

Siam City: next step in waste heat recovery project
14 July 2010

Siam City Cement, Thailand’s second largest cement producer by volume, will invest Bt600m in the next phase of its Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) project.
The project is aimed at generating electricity from waste, which will account for 40 per cent of the electricity consumed in SCCC’s production by 2012.
Managing director Philippe Arto yesterday said the operation of the WHR project’s first phase would be delayed from the previous schedule of this month, to August. SCCC is in the process of investing Bt600m in the next phase, which is expected to commence operation by the middle of 2012.

The company spent Bt1.8bn on the first phase of the project, which has a capacity to generate 25MW of electricity.
About 32 per cent of the electricity consumption in SCCC’s cement manufacturing plants will be replaced by the power generated from waste under this project.
"Once the 25megawatt electricity generator is implemented, we expect to reduce electricity costs by Bt500m  per year. The next phase of the WHR project has a capacity of 7MW. This is our longterm project to reduce electricity consumption from the state agency by 40 per cent by 2012," Arto said.
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