Cemex Philippines addresses affordable housing issues

Cemex Philippines addresses affordable housing issues
13 July 2010

Cemex in the Philippines has strengthened its commitment to address the need for quality and affordable housing by signing a new partnership with the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA).

As per the agreement, Cemex will provide cement for the SHDA’s socialized housing programs, which provide housing for low-income Filipinos. The SHDA is the country’s largest national organisation of private subdivision and housing developers. The organization works alongside the government under the National Shelter Program.

Cemex has a longstanding commitment to improving housing conditions throughout the world. Its most successful program to date is Patrimonio Hoy, which for over a decade has offered access to quality housing to low-income families in Latin American. Patrimonio Hoy is a self-sustaining social enterprise with more than 100 offices in Latin America, 85 of which are located in Mexico.

This latest agreement signed in the Philippines highlights Cemex’s ongoing efforts to continue its commitment with improving housing conditions around the world as part of the company’s global Sustainable Development Strategy.
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