Australia: Geocycle chemical scares

Australia: Geocycle chemical scares
12 July 2010

A chemical reaction in a holding tank in Australia was the second incident at the plant in two days.

A tank was damaged at Cement Austraila’s Geocycle plant. No chemicals were spilled from the tank and the building was evacuated.

Cement Australia spokesman Paul McNay said the two incidents were believed to be related. “But obviously our investigation will prove whether that is the case or not,” he said.

Mr McNay said Cement Australia suspected today’s chemical reaction was the same as the one yesterday.

“Some alkaline material was being pumped into a tank that was holding waste paint, which contained a small portion of aluminium, and we understand that’s what caused the reaction,” he said.

Geocycle collects waste and puts it through a blending and testing process to turn the waste into fuel for cement kilns.

Mr McNay said the plant has ceased production until corrective actions could be taken.
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