Cemex releases Dominican operation report

Cemex releases Dominican operation report
12 July 2010

With special guests from environmental institutions and government agencies, Cemex presented its Viability Report 2009, in which key performance indicators reveal advances in its global goals achieved in the country.

Local aspects such as Health and Industrial Security, Environmental impacts, Climatic Change, as well the company’s objectives, advances and goals are detailed in an integral manner, stressing the development reached in its high-priority topics.

“For Cemex viability means to increase long term competitiveness, generating a minimum impact on the people and the environment, maximising the value for our interest groups  at the local and global level,” affirmed Carlos Jacks, president of Cemex in Dominican Republic,.

“The economic prosperity of the business, adequate environmental management, social responsibility and the recruitment of the best talent are the four pillars on which our viability rests. How do we put that into practice? In the many ways you’ll discover in the present report, which summarizes our last year’s performance in this regard,” the executive said in a statemet.

“In the country, the company has strengthened its commitment with viability in keeping with the Cemex strategy at the global level, to build an intelligent world together,” and in that regard Jacks noted the company’s concerted efforts to improve performance, competitiveness and sustainable development to obtain notables advances in management.

He said as part of its initiatives toward viability and with an investment of $400,000 the company installed in its Kiln Line No 2, an online system to continuously monitor and immediately measure CO2, CO, NOx and SO2 emissions.
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