Tecnalia uses solid waste advances

Tecnalia uses solid waste advances
12 July 2010

As part of its commitment to sustainability, construction unit Tecnalia, has developed a new generation of environmentally-friendly cements.
The development of new eco-cement, as well as techniques to improve their mechanical properties through the use of nanotechnology, has resulted in two patents, shared by Tecnalia and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).
In developing these products, the group of Nanomaterials in Construction (nanowire) Tecnalia has replaced limestone as raw material for solid waste combustion plants.
Tecnalia stressed that this new production technique has achieved a triple objective: the sound management of waste through recycling (expected by 2010 to generate about 800Mt of solid waste by thermal power plants, of which 50% will go to landfill), to contribute to the preservation of natural resources on the planet and prevent the direct emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere through the elimination of the calcination raw material.
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