Italcementi joins UN Global Compact

Italcementi joins UN Global Compact
09 July 2010

Italcementi is the first listed Italian company in its sector to join the Global Compact, the United Nations initiative set up to safeguard the social and environmental sustainability of economic growth processes.

The participation of the Italcementi Group was formally ratified with a letter from the Chief Executive Officer, Carlo Pesenti, to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, declaring the Group’s support for the ten principles of the Global Compact with regard to human rights, labor, protection of the environment and anti-corruption.

Italcementi’s commitment to this important international initiative intended to foster a more sustainable world economy built on respect for fundamental rules of ethical and moral conduct will be extended to all 22 countries in which the Group operates.

Specifically, the Group will focus on promoting the ten principles within its sphere of influence and ensuring that the Global Compact and its principles are part of Italcementi strategy, culture and day-to-day operations. It will also engage in collaborative projects advancing the broader development goals of the United Nations.

In the future, the Group will issue a clear statement of this commitment to its stakeholders and the general public.

Italcementi will report on progress within one year of joining the Global Compact, and every year thereafter, combining Global Compact
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