Seven killed in Brazil factory accident

Seven killed in Brazil factory accident
06 July 2010

At least seven people were killed and 23 others injured in a construction accident at a cement plant in Itaiatuba, a city in the Brazilian Amazon, police in the northern state of Para said Monday.

Six of the victims died Monday at the plant, while the seventh victim died early Tuesday at a hospital in Santarem.

The government of Para had to send a plane Monday night to Itaiatuba to transport the 13 most seriously injured people to Santarem because the small Amazonian city lacks the medical facilities to care for critically injured people.

The accident occurred at the Itacipasa cement plant, located some 30km from Itaiatuba, where a section of scaffolding being set up by about 20 workers for an expansion project collapsed. 

The cause of the collapse has not been determined.

Source: Latin America Herald Tribune
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