Disagreement over Padeswood investigation time-frame, UK

Disagreement over Padeswood investigation time-frame, UK
04 July 2010

Community leaders and Hanson Cement are at odds over how long an investigation into a factory should take.

Health and environmental studies will be carried out into the Hanson Cement plant in Padeswood after a meeting between public health experts and community representatives.

The firm wants to see the investigation completed as quickly as possible to confirm its belief that the factory is safe, but councillors have said that if the studies are rushed they will not receive the answers they want.

Earlier this month Andrew Jones, chairman of the team of experts conducting the investigation, said: “I am open in relation to how long this might take and would envisage it will take several months.”

David Weeks, a spokesman for Hanson Cement, said: “We hope that the process isn’t dragged out for too long.

“It’s important people have their say but it’s also important to get on with this. We don’t want it running on with uncertainty.

“The concern we have is that it goes on too long because they want to measure everybody’s views.”

Mr Weeks added: “We are still 100 per cent confident people have nothing to fear.
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