Hercules Cement Co. strike ends. USA

Hercules Cement Co. strike ends. USA
29 June 2010

A two-week strike at Hercules Cement Co. ended yesterday as 82 employees returned to their jobs with a new contract.

Plant manager Richard Zimmel said the cement maker in Stockertown and Teamsters Local 773 agreed to a new, four-year contract Saturday.

Zimmel said workers agreed to the new deal after the company clarified a transfer policy that led to the strike. The company also agreed to pay for the health benefits that covered workers as they picketed.

"Everybody’s back to work. We’re trying to get back to business. We welcomed everybody back today," Zimmel said. "We’re certainly glad it’s over."

The workers went on strike June 14, concerned that the transfer policy would let the company move workers from job to job at any time and for any amount of time.

But the transfer policy was clarified to say workers would be transferred only while another employee is out, Zimmel said.

The cement maker and 34 salaried employees continued shipping and other operations during the strike.
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