Gas supplies to affect Mahilyow region, Belarus

Gas supplies to affect Mahilyow region, Belarus
23 June 2010

Cement manufacturers in the Mahilyow region of Belarus have acknowledged that the reduction of gas deliveries to Belarus would seriously affect their output.

The Belarusian Cement Plant in Kastsyukovichy and PRUP Krychawtsementnashyfer in Krychaw accounts for up to 50 per cent of the production of cement in Belarus. The country’s third cement plant is situated in the city of Krasnaselski, Hrodna region and produces up to 2Mta of cement. In an interview with BelaPAN, Ihar Lazhachnikaw, chief engineer of Belarusian Cement Plant, expressed hope that the gas conflict between Belarus and Russia would soon be resolved. "After all, how can the entire industrial sector be brought to a halt?" Mr. Lazhachnikaw said.

"We have no gas reserves of our own." Alyaksandr Baravikow, chief engineer of Krychawtsementnashyfer, echoed the view that the gas dispute would soon be settled, noting that the plant was operating at full capacity and experiencing no problems. He acknowledged that gas cuts would make the manufacturer’s situation extremely difficult. Gas accounts for 45 per cent of the cement manufacturers’ costs, Krychaw-based economist Mikalay Herdziy commented in an interview with BelaPAN. "Higher gas prices and reduced deliveries would definitely make cement much more expensive," he said.
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