Cemex sees growth potential in Mexico

Cemex sees growth potential in Mexico
23 June 2010

Jaime Elizondo Chapa, president of Cemex’s Mexico division has spoken of how the country is displaying good growth prospects for the company.

Without citing figures or statistics, he noted that elements of development including the school sector, road infrastructure and hospitals, represent opportunities for the construction sector, which will benefit Cemex.

"The system of provision of services are conducted in many countries, Mexico has little and we see great potential, we believe there are many opportunities here, not only for development of roads, but for other infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, other type of projects you can do with the financial scheme for the provision of services. "

During his visit to the Shire Lagunera to participate in the inauguration of a rural highway section of Gomez Palacio, Elizondo Chapa acknowledged that in Mexico are great opportunities for growth: "We are Mexicans, our roots are in Mexico, so our commitment to the country’s development and improved quality of life of our people.

“That is why we invest heavily in works, required infrastructure and harnessing the full capacity of the Mexican company, not only to deliver the best products and services, so you see a good picture in Mexico, there is a strong potential growth. “
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