Hercules Cement workers strike, USA

Hercules Cement workers strike, USA
15 June 2010

More than 80 workers at an eastern Pennsylvania cement plant have gone on strike to protest what they call the company’s move to transfer them to different job functions for indefinite periods.

The Teamsters members began picketing the Hercules Cement plant in Stockerton Monday after voting 47-31 to approve a walkout.

A union official says the strike is not about wages or benefits, but the company’s work rules plan is a significant change from the contract that expired last month. The union says the company now has limited ability to reassign workers but wants more than that.

Plant manager Richard Zimmel called the walkout "very surprising and disappointing." He said the company is trying to remain competitive and is not doing anything that is unusual in the industry, and officials feel they have been "very fair" to the work force.
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