Tororo Cement denies overloading trucks, Uganda

Tororo Cement denies overloading trucks, Uganda
07 May 2010

Tororo Cement has denied allegations that it overloads its trucks , which damage roads.

“We comply with the traffic regulations and we don’t see why we are witch hunted,” B.M Gagrani, the Tororo Cement chief, said. 

“We don’t allow overloading at our site and insist that all private transporters don’t overload and comply with road safety and traffic regulations.” 

“We have issued written notices and got confirmation from all private transporters to this effect.”

Gagrani was reacting to the Uganda National Road Authority’s accusation that Tororo Cement was damaging roads through overloading trucks with its products.

The roads agency also warned transporters against carrying more than the official 56t  load capacity.

“Although the roads agency has issued warnings to all stakeholders, we feel Tororo Cement is being selectively portrayed as law-breakers. It appears there is a negative campaign against us rather than positive competitiveness over values and qualities,” Gagrani insisted.
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