Cimsa begins construction of silos at Alicante, Spain

Cimsa begins construction of silos at Alicante, Spain
08 April 2010

Cimsa has started construction work on the first of nine vertical silos in Puerto Alicante, which have now received approval by the Southeastern Marine Terminals.

The height of the silos meets the requirements of the Port Authority chairman, Miguel Campoy, who negotiated with the cement companies to reduce the number of silos that are to be installed, which have been set at nine instead of the 15 originally planned. The company has also agreed to lower the heights of these buildings to 36m, which represents a reduction in some cases of up to 10m high. The silos will have a storage capacity of 10,000t.

Cimsa’s initiative is leading the way for other producers to submit proposals for new silos at the port of Alicante. Colacem reportedly plans to build three silos while, Cemex and Holcim plan to construct two silos each at the port.
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