St. Marys Cement strike continues

St. Marys Cement strike continues
25 March 2010

A strike at St. Marys Cement’s Bowmanville plant continues, but a deal has been struck to allow trucks faster access to the site.

The approximately 100 Canadian Auto Workers Local 222 workers hit the bricks March 12. Pensions are the major issue.

Wednesday, though, the two sides did come to an agreement with regard to allowing trucks to cross the picket line. Each truck had been held up 15 minutes, beginning when it arrived at the picket line, meaning each one could be held up for several 15-minute periods, depending on how many trucks were ahead of it in line.

Now, trucks arriving at about the same time will be held up only 15 minutes going in and 10 minutes coming out of the plant, said CAW national representative Keith Osborne.

The agreement was hammered out in an Oshawa courtroom hallway, just before St. Marys had planned to go in and seek a legal injunction on the matter, Mr. Osborne said.

A representatives from St. Marys did not return calls Wednesday.
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