Cemex wins battle for land rights in Texas, USA

Cemex wins battle for land rights in Texas, USA
24 March 2010

In December 2009 Cemex was challenged to defend its property rights in the state of Texas. This resulted in the company being forced to head to court to fight for its land-removal rights.

According to details of the lawsuit, prosecutors attempted to fine Cemex for a payment of US$558m. Justifying the suit, officials declared that the company had failed to pay the state of Texas for the eradication and subsequent sale of various natural resources and materials found on Cemex’s property.

With this suit, prosecutors were basically aiming to argue that the state of Texas has rights to the natural materials and resources on any business’ private property. Justifiably, many citizens and companies were alarmed at this charge, as supporters of Cemex assert that the company never violated any legal directives.

For this specific case, the State of Texas asserted that Cemex owed the state payments for royalties earned from the resources on the Canyon quarry property. Many opponents of the State’s actions claim that their lawsuit was unwarranted, especially considering the state had never filed charges against any other company operating on the McKelligon Canyon quarry property prior to Cemex ‘sacquisition.

Judge Villa, charged with handling the Cemex and State of Texas case, ultimately ruled in favour of the company, declaring that the prosecution lacked sufficient warrant and cause for their suit. Specifically, Cemex was able to prove that the lawsuit was in direct violation of the established opinions of the Texas Attorney General, as well as the Texas Supreme Court.

With this verdict, Cemex California has maintained its legal rights to remove and sell natural land materials from their property sites. The company can continue with its operations, while Cemex ‘s air quality dedication can continue to thrive.
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