USA Continental Cement laying off 14 employees

USA Continental Cement laying off 14 employees
05 March 2010

Fourteen of 50 employees at Green America Recycling, based at Continental Cement’s production facility south of Hannibal, are being laid off.

The action was confirmed Thursday afternoon by J Scott Conroy, vice president, manufacturing for Continental Cement.
 According to Conroy, the layoffs will coincide with the plant’s annual spring production stoppage.

“The outage is for inventory control purposes and for our annual maintenance work at the plant,” he said. 
It is anticipated that the employees will be brought back this spring. 
“We expect when we bring the plant back up in early April we’ll bring all those people back. 
All the layoffs are temporary,” said Conroy. “We expect a return to full operation after completion of the maintenance outage, which we’re targeting for some time in April.

None of Continental Cement’s approximately 175 cement manufacturing employees will be impacted.
 “For our outage this year we’re able to keep all those (cement) employees working,” said Conroy.
 This year’s layoff is not nearly as large as the one announced by the company in February 2009. At that time 57 cement workers and 14 Green America Recycling employees were laid off during the plant’s annual maintenance period.
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