Ash Grove recalls workers, USA

Ash Grove recalls workers, USA
04 February 2010

There’s good news for workers at the Ash Grove Cement plant in Montana City.  Approximately 50 hourly employees who were laid off in November will be getting their jobs back in the next couple of weeks. The layoffs occurred due to a drop in demand for cement. Some electricians and maintenance workers will return to the plant over the next few days, and the remaining employees are expected back on February 15th.

The Montana City plant was one of nine Ash Grove plants around the country where production was suspended last fall. Since then, the company has depleted its cement inventories and has begun to ramp up production.

Mike Hrizuk, Vice President of Manufacturing for Ash Grove Cement’s Western Division explains, “We’ve pretty much had a plan all along looking at our forecasts going forward, that we would have this lull during this particular time of the year, just primarily due to weather. Bringing them back is great news for the company. We’re happy to have them back, happy to get started again.”
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