Holcim Indonesia restoration doubts

Holcim Indonesia restoration doubts
11 January 2010

The commitment of PT Holcim Indonesia in restoring the ecology of Jambangan cave I and II is being doubted by Coordinator of Natural Resources Protection and Conservation Agency (LKPSDA), Edy Thoyibbi. According to him, the company’s pledge is only to overcome rejections from people living around the locations planned to be occupied by PT Holcim.

Thoyibbi referred to PT Semen Gresik Tbk (PT SG) and PT Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indonesia (TPPI) as examples. Both major industries were proven to be having breached their initial commitment as stated in the Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL) documents.

“Just look at the mining location of PT SG. It hasn’t been reclaimed until now. They said they would take the water from Bengawan Solo River to fulfill their water needs. In reality, they took the water from under the ground which leaves nothing for the locals to water their fields,” Thoyibbi said on Monday, January 11.

He also said TPPI had incurred losses to fishermen due to the liquid waste (B3) disposal to the sea. According to TPPI’s AMDAL, liquid waste falling into the category of B3 will be neutralized. “Instead, they threw it into the sea which damaged the sea’s ecology”.

PT Holcim Community Relations Manager (CRM) in Tuban, Ummu Azizah said the doubt of LKPSDA was acceptable. He even pointed out that such doubt is necessary as a warning for his company to control their commitment.
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