Northern Nigeria work protest

Northern Nigeria work protest
04 January 2010

Hundreds of youths from nearby host communities of the Cement Company of Northern Nigeria, Sokoto took to the streets late-December to protest alleged neglect by the firm. The youths, who took over the main street leading to the firm’s premises, alleged that the company was “not doing enough” to assist the host communities in its employment policy. They further alleged that the company’s annual cement donation to the communities was “far too inadequate to alleviate their suffering.”

The youths, mainly from Gantsare, Gidan-Maituta, Gidan-Kuka, Gidan-Baduwa, Asare and Dagelawa, set up bonfires and barricaded the road leading to the quarry gate of the company. The action prevented the company’s trucks from conveying raw material from the mines to the factory. The protesters spokesperson, Mohammed Osama-Gantsare, claimed that the operations of the firm had caused “lots of ecological problems to the residents”.

Sada Suleiman, Senior Manager, Public Affairs of the company, who reacted to the protest, explained that there was a proactive community relations committee charged with discussing issues with the host communities
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