Ash Grove Cement rescinds operation closure

Ash Grove Cement rescinds operation closure
30 December 2009

Planned layoffs that were to affect eight workers at the Ash Grove Cement Company limestone quarry at Blubber Bay have been reversed.

“It’s good news,” said Jacqueline Clark, Ash Grove’s director of communications and public affairs. “The layoffs are not taking effect and the reason is that we reached a business agreement with a customer that allows us to avoid the layoffs for the foreseeable future. Our employee reaction, of course, is favourable. They are pleased. It’s very positive.”

Clark said the only thing that had driven the company’s decision originally was there weren’t any opportunities for the demand for aggregate product. “That’s the key to operations,” she said. “We have to have the demand for product.

“We want to be working; we want the employees to be in their jobs and we want the economy to improve.”

On November 30, Ash Grove announced that all production and maintenance activities at the company’s Blubber Bay Limestone Quarry would be indefinitely suspended, effective February 1, 2010.

Clark, at the time, said Ash Grove made the decision to suspend quarry operations due to a continued decline in demand for the product. At that time the company did not see any future opportunities that would allow for continued operations at the quarry.
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