Still no access to Gaza

Still no access to Gaza
29 December 2009

Despite the fact that a year has passed since the start of the Gaza military operation, the damage caused by three weeks of war and the near total closure preceding it has yet to be repaired. The reason: Israel’s apparent ongoing policy of blocking goods from entering the Gaza Strip, including a near total ban on reconstruction materials.

During the war: Some 3500 homes were completely destroyed, some 2800 sustained heavy damage, and some 54,000 were lightly damaged.These homes housed about 325,000 people.

The policy on import of construction materials (cement, glass, iron) prior to the war: Banned, with few humanitarian exceptions.  Policy on import of construction materials today: Construction materials (cement, glass, iron, etc.) banned; 19 trucks of mostly cement and gravel permitted to enter for exceptional humanitarian projects.  Needed to rebuild homes: At least 40,000t of cement, 25,000 tons of steel reinforcing.
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