Philippine supplies to normalise within a week

Philippine supplies to normalise within a week
23 December 2009

Ernesto Ordonez, president of the Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (CeMAP), said yesterday that cement supply in the country will normalize within the week.

He disclosed that the government had completed the repair of the “Bridge of Promise” in Batangas yesterday.

The disruption in cement supply was mainly triggered when typhoon Santi damaged this bridge, reducing the delivery of the Republic cement plant in Batangas by 67 per cent – from 60,000 bags per day to 20,000 bags.

Ordonez also said that the cement plants have not increased their ex-plant prices, and that any unjustified large price increases by profiteering dealers or retailers should be charged accordingly

The month of December, usually a slow month for cement when cement plants traditionally undergo preventive maintenance, showed a cement demand upsurge, said Ordonez. The increase in cement usage was attributed to the “consequent rehabilitation of structures damaged by the typhoons and recent insurance claims payments, which led to increased home repairs and improvements, particularly in the flood-affected areas in Metro Manila.”

In addition to the normalized cement delivery from Batangas and the resumption of operations in the cement plants which were on preventive maintenance earlier, the cement industry has also arranged for additional shipments from the Apo cement plant in Cebu and the Holcim cement plant in Lugait, Mindanao in a further attempt to stabilize supply.

Ordonez stressed that there will be more than adequate supply of cement in the NCR within the week.

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