Iraqi cement plant renovation

Iraqi cement plant renovation
22 December 2009

Japanese trading house Marubeni Corp and Kawasaki Plant Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, agreed Sunday to participate in the renovation of a local cement plant affiliated with the Iraqi government.

The two Japanese firms will offer technical assistance and supply parts to a local firm tasked with improving production at the cement plant in Kubaysah in western Iraq, which was built by Marubeni and Kawasaki Heavy in the 1980s.

The concerned parties signed an agreement during the second two-day Japan-Iraq business forum, which began in Baghdad on Sunday.

The cement plant previously had an annual output capacity of 2 million tons. However, due to aging equipment, capacity has fallen to around 20% of the original level. The plan is to boost capacity to 1.8 million tons in 2011.

According to Iraq’s National Investment Commission, the entire project will cost between 13.5 billion yen and 18 billion yen.

Nikkei Report Published under Cement News