Cemap members support road safety measures, Philippines

Cemap members support road safety measures, Philippines
18 December 2009

The cement industry urged the government to fast-track the implementation of a more relevant anti- truck overloading management system in the country to ensure road safety and infrastructure preservation.“Just as we want our cement delivered with in full and on time, we also believe that the motorists’ and the public’s safety should be given the highest consideration,” Cement Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines (Cemap) president Ernesto M. Ordonez said.

Cemap strongly supports the proposed harmonization of the per axle and gross vehicle weighing system to determine the possible overloading of cargo trucks. The unified loading weight limitation is a simplified system that encourages better compliance by the trucking industry.The new anti-truck overloading management system was proposed in the recent Stakeholders Workshop of the government and private sector stakeholders in the infrastructure and transport business.

The Chairman of the Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines Inc. (CTAP) Col. Rodolfo De Ocampo, welcomes the development which translates to lower maintenance costs and increased trips for the trucks of their members, as well as more safety for both the motorists and the public.The study revealed that in addition to a safer transport environment, the proposed system would save the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) some P9.2 billion from higher costs of pavement maintenance and reconstruction over 20 years.Among the recommendations provided by the study is to increase the current violation penalty to 150 percent of the motor vehicle user’s charge (MVUC) to capture the gain the truckers may have. For the second and third time offenses, penalties should be increased to 225 percent and 300 percent, respectively.“If this happens, truckers will think twice before committing overloading violations,” Ordonez explained.

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