Plan to rehabilitate Umm Qasr Cement Factory, Iraq

Plan to rehabilitate Umm Qasr Cement Factory, Iraq
09 October 2009

The provincial council in Basra has discussed a new plan to attract investment in government-owned factories in order to restart productive operations.

Basra aims to provide investors with all the needs of such factories, starting with re-operating the cement factory of Umm Qasr, which is one of the important factories in Basra, to meet the needs of the southern region of cement, the Iraq Directory reported 19/09/2009.

Member of Basra provincial council, Jaafar Al-Moussawi, said in a press statement, "The provincial council in Basra began working to restart the stalled factories since the fall of the former regime and started with the cement factory of Umm Qasr which the investor will provide all its shortages that hinder work."

For his part, Deputy Director of Umm Qasr cement factory, Talib Odah, explained: "The factory will supply the three southern provinces (Basra, Amarah and Nasiriyah) with cement once it returns to its original production capacity."

The cement factory of Umm Qasr is one of the units of the South General Company for Cement affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. The factory began production in 1972 with cement used for export and for supplying the southern region. It ceased operating after 2003 and production has become erratic because of a large number of weaknesses, but the factory will soon restart operating to supply the local market with Iraqi cement.

Source: Global Arab Network
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