Turkey’s cement production increases

Turkey’s cement production increases
01 October 2009

Turkey’s cement industry continues its growth. The total cement production of all privately owned companies in Turkey reached 25.21Mt as of the end of June.

Turkey’s average monthly cerement production was nearly 5.3Mt, according to the Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association, or TÇMB. Some 7.23Mt of the cement produced during the first six months of the year were exported. The rest was sold in the domestic market, said the association.

Most of the cement production was at factories located in the Marmara region. Those factories produced nearly 6.65Mt of cement during the first six months of the year. The Mediterranean region ranked second, with 4.7Mt during the same period.

Factories located in the Central Anatolian region produced 3.76 million tons of cement during the first half of the year, while factories in Southeast Anatolia produced 3.37Mt. Rounding out the list was the Aegean region, with 2.32Mt, the Black Sea region, with 2.59Mt and East Anatolia, with just under 1.26Mt. The country’s total cement production is expected to hover around 50Mt by the end of the year.
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