Coboce Irpa Irpa increases production, Bolivia

Coboce Irpa Irpa increases production, Bolivia
18 September 2009

Celebrating its 37th anniversary yesterday, Bolivian cement producer Coboce, is now planning a stage of extension and modernisation of its facilities in Irpa Irpa, Capinota.

The new upgrades will enable Coboce to increase its production to 400,000t.

In the month of March, Coboce already produced an average of 38,000 bags per day compared with  22,000 in February (an increase of 72.7% more), of a product that consolidates every day more in the Bolivian market.

To mark the producers anniversary, celebrations took place on 15 Septbmer

In the first five months of this year, according to a company administrative report, Coboce it sold more than three million cement bags, equivalent to the 35.2 per cent of the propose goal in 2009.
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