Recent order from Adelaide Brighton, Australia

Recent order from Adelaide Brighton, Australia
10 September 2009

myDIALS, a leader in operational performance management, today announced that Adelaide Brighton Cement, Australia, is using myDIALS 3.0 to create a real-time snapshot of critical safety, hazard and environment data for all relevant staff and management. Part of the publicly listed Adelaide Brighton group, Adelaide Brighton Cement uses myDIALS Software as a Service (SaaS) operational performance optimiszation solution to take input from any of the Angaston plant’s existing data sources and present it in a series of interactive, online dashboards complete with highlighted key performance indicators (KPIs.)

In 2008 Adelaide Brighton Cement’s Angaston plant embarked on a new approach to reducing workplace injuries and hazards. Vince Aurora, the Angaston plant manager, had a good understanding of the safety and performance data relating to production activities and was experienced in using the company’s SQL database to obtain hazard and injury reports. However, he needed a better way to access and visualize the data, as well as drill down into reports for additional detail. As a hosted solution, deployment of myDIALS offered minimal risk: the cost was low compared to other software solutions and deployment required no major overhaul of existing systems.

"We needed to be able to visualize the data that was being reported. We wanted a solution that was innovative but also quick to install," said Aurora. "myDIALS’ strength is its ability to display and provide drill-down access to information from the systems that we already have in place. Version 3.0 offers drill-in analysis, analytic trend charts and the ability to perform ’What-if’ scenarios, which makes business intelligence for all levels of management a reality."
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