Lehigh Cement to lay off 45 Tehachapi works, US

Lehigh Cement to lay off 45 Tehachapi works, US
04 September 2009

Lehigh Southwest Cement has announced a curtailment in production at its Tehachapi works and will lay off approximately 45 hourly employees in early October for an indefinite period.

The curtailment “is due to current business and economic conditions, and the resultant deterioration in our sales volumes and pricing,” Plant Manager Alan Rowley said.

The historic Lehigh plant, which celebrated its 100th anniversary  in 2008 and has a total work force of 115.

The plant will be in a minimum operation mode and will not be shut down entirely.

The limestone quarry, preheater tower and kiln will cease operations until a decision is made to re-start. The kiln will be taken off-line on September 29.

The plant may re-open for production in several months, depending on the economy, Craig Mifflin, manager, environmental and public affairs said.

With the finish mills and shipping department remaining open, the plant will continue to sell and ship product.

“We will still be open for business,” Mifflin said. “Hopefully we will start up in early December. We will continue to shop product and to grind product.

“We have a sufficient supply for a couple of months.”
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