Cemex & Urbi celebrate 10 year housing venture, Mexico

Cemex & Urbi celebrate 10 year housing venture, Mexico
01 September 2009

Following a unique model of operations and innovation, the productive alliance between Cemex and Urbi, the leading housing developer in Mexico, ratified their agreement as they celebrated 10 years of working together advancing the housing industry in Mexico.

In an event that brought together the management of both companies, including Francisco Garza, Cemex’s President of the Americas Region, and Cuauhtemoc Perez, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Urbi’s Chief Executive Officer, the strategic results of a decade of joint development were most prominent.

"We are very proud of this unique alliance. When Cemex and Urbi came together with a single vision to create value for the end client, we achieved an annual rate of 20% in an alliance based on mutual work, trust and innovation that has allowed us to strengthen our alliance with a spirit of collaboration, whatever the environment," said Francisco Garza.

"Thanks to Urbi’s persistence in searching for new ways of improvement, we have been able to achieve important goals and create seventeen concrete and five cement patented products worldwide -- an important contribution to the housing and construction industries," he added.

"Renewing this productive 10-year alliance with Cemex allows us to face the current environment with greater strength, aside from continuously looking for new business opportunities and continue to pursue a long-term vision. The Cemex-Urbi model has been key in growing our business initiatives, such as Urbi’s City Licensee Manager Partnership, which aims at fostering our geographical expansion in the most important medium-size cities in the country as we incorporate local talent in our business model with lower requirements for working capital investment, the support of our processes and best practices, and backed by strategic allies like Cemex," said Cuauhtemoc Perez.

"Aside from having a positive multiplying effect on our economy and domestic market, our alliance is no doubt allowing us to respond to a huge underserved housing market: the lower income segment of the population," he added.
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